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Whiplash is an injury to the soft tissues in the neck, including the ligaments, tendons and muscles. Whiplash is most commonly associated with rear-end collisions, but it can occur in many different types of car accidents. Its name comes from the whip-like motion of the head and neck when they jerk violently forward and backward in a crash.

Whiplash can cause significant impairment, leaving victims to cope with ongoing pain and limited mobility. Some whiplash victims may even be unable to work as a result.

The neck is made up of a complex series of bones (vertebrae), ligaments, muscles and tendons. The ligaments and tendons connect bones to each other and bones to muscle, as well as providing an important cushion. These soft tissues can be damaged when the neck is abruptly thrust forward and backward. Sprains, strains and even tears can all result from this motion.

Injuries to the soft tissue of the neck that occurs when the neck is thrown back and forth are referred to as whiplash. Whiplash is likely to occur in rear-end accidents, which the North American Spine Society says are the No. 1 cause of whiplash injuries. Front-impact, side-impact and other types of car accidents can also cause whiplash.

Whiplash Symptoms

Whiplash typically does not become apparent right away. Many victims feel no symptoms until at least a day after the accident. However, the symptoms can be very severe when they do manifest.

Some of the symptoms of car accident whiplash include:

  • Radiating pain in the arm or shoulder
  • Tingling, weakness or numbness
  • Pain when moving the head
  • Stiffness or pain in the neck
  • Headaches centered in or originating in the base of the skull
  • Blurred vision or dizziness
  • Extreme fatigue to the point of exhaustion
  • Tinnitus (ringing of the ears)
  • Memory impairment
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Irritability.

In some cases, whiplash symptoms will go away after a few weeks or months. In other instances, however, the injury may be persistent and the injured person may be unable to work or even perform daily activities. Persistent whiplash symptoms may require prescription medications, including injectable numbing drugs, such as lidocaine or Xylocaine, and muscle relaxers; physical therapy; ultrasound therapy; and immobilizing devices, such as a cervical or foam collar.

Even with treatment, unfortunately, symptoms may continue to impair your health for a long time. According to the North American Spine Society, around 10 percent of people who suffer from whiplash in a car accident will experience severe, chronic and ongoing pain.

If your whiplash symptoms have persisted for at least six months after the accident, then there is a good chance that you will suffer ongoing problems. Your ongoing problems may range from occasional chronic discomfort in the neck to a severe health crisis.

Compensation for Whiplash Injuries

Dealing with whiplash cases is tricky, especially since the full extent of the problem and its chronic nature is often not revealed for months after the car accident. Because of the uncertainty associated with how much impairment whiplash will ultimately end up causing, you must be careful about agreeing to any settlement from the insurance company.

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