Fracture Injuries And Construction Accidents Attorney In New York City, NY

Fracture Injuries and Construction Accidents

Construction accidents frequently cause broken bones and multiple-fracture injuries. Labor statistics show that 10,380 construction workers in the United States sustained fractures from on-the-job accidents in 2009. That’s down from the 13,470 construction employees who suffered broken bones the previous year.

As we all know, even one workplace injury in New York City is too many, particularly when it was caused by the irresponsible actions of someone else.

Construction zones are hazardous by nature. Workers often perform tasks from great heights and are surrounded by equipment and debris that pose threats to personal safety. While some fractures may be simple and require little time to recuperate, others can be serious enough to cause long-term disabilities and even death.

Sometimes fracture injuries occur on construction sites even when all precautions are in place.

But it’s also possible that your injury at work was due to violations of federal and state occupational safety standards. You need to talk to an experienced New York City construction accident attorney to determine who might be at fault for your injuries.

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If you or a loved one received fracture injuries in a New York construction accident and someone other than the employer was to blame, you could be entitled to receive damages if the third party falls outside of the workers’ compensation system. The New York City construction injury lawyers at David Resnick & Associates, PC, are skilled at evaluating work-related injuries and can help you determine whether the negligence of a third party caused or contributed to your on-the-job injuries. We also can help if you were a non-employee who was injured while visiting a construction site.

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We serve construction accident victims in all of New York City, including Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn and Long Island.

How Do Fractures Occur during Construction?

Fractures occur when excessive force is applied to a bone, causing it to break. Falls are a leading cause of skeletal fractures in the construction industry, but workers may also sustain broken bones because of falling objects, machinery accidents, explosions, malfunctioning power tools and any number of other hazards common to a high-risk work zone.

The location and severity of the broken bone dictate how long it will take to heal and what the ultimate outcome of the recovery will be. Fractures that require reconstructive surgery and the insertion of pins, plates and screws may require longer hospital stays than a broken finger, but a broken finger can be quite debilitating, particularly because construction workers rely on their hands to perform their jobs each day.

Fractures are categorized based on how the bone is broken. Here are some of the most common types of breaks:

  • Simple or “closed”: In simple fractures, a bone is broken but does not protrude through the skin.
  • Compound or “open”: Compound fractures occur when the bone pierces through the skin, causing additional tissue damage and increasing the potential for infection.
  • Complete: In complete fractures, the bone is broken entirely.
  • Incomplete, or “greenstick”: The bone is only partially broken. Incomplete fractures often occur as a consequence of a crushing or bending injury.
  • Comminuted: In comminuted fractures, the bone is broken into a number of pieces.
  • Spiral: When at least one part of the bone is twisted, a spiral fracture has occurred.
  • Impacted: Impacted fractures occur when bone fragments are jammed into one another.
  • Transverse: A transverse fracture occurs at a right angle to the bone’s long axis.
  • Oblique: An oblique fracture occurs diagonally against the bone’s long axis.
  • Avulsion: These types of fractures occur when a tendon or ligament pulls off a piece of bone due to physical trauma.
  • Hairline: Hairline fractures are tiny cracks in a bone that is otherwise intact.

In construction accidents, oftentimes the injured worker suffers more than just one broken bone. Recovery can be a long and painful process that may require physical therapy, additional surgeries or other costly forms of rehabilitation. Unfortunately, sometimes the injuries are so severe that the person is unable to return to work, causing significant financial hardship for the injured person and his or her family. But legal remedies are available.

Our NYC Construction Injury Attorneys Are Here to Help

If you suspect that your construction accident fracture is due to the negligence of a third party, rather than your employer, don’t wait any longer. Contact David Resnick & Associates for a free consultation. Our New York City construction accident lawyers can be reached at 212-279-2000, or you can use our online contact form.

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