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With their capacity to move heavy pallets and building materials, forklifts are an integral part of American business. From factories to warehouses, from construction sites to supermarkets, forklifts are in use in thousands of U.S. workplaces. Unfortunately, those industrial tools figure in thousands of serious on-the-job injuries and deaths when it comes to construction accidents in New York City.

At David Resnick & Associates, P.C., we have worked with many forklift accident victims in ManhattanQueensBrooklynStaten Island, the Bronx, and all of New York City. As an experienced New York forklift accident lawyer, we understand New York’s laws surrounding these claims. Contact us today to start your personal injury claim!

Alarming Forklift Injury Statistics

As many as 100 U.S. workers are killed each year, statistics show, and another 20,000 are seriously injured in forklift accidents.

A national study revealed the three most common forklift-related fatalities:

  • Forklift overturns
  • Other workers struck by moving forklifts
  • Falls from forklifts

Forklift overturns account for one of every four associated deaths. About one in every five fatalities involves another worker being struck by a forklift, while one in every six fatalities occurs when a victim is crushed by a forklift.

How Do Forklift Accidents Occur in New York?

A forklift is a piece of heavy equipment, and many workers and employers are not aware of safety procedures or the proper use of forklifts. Thus, the operator and the workplace environment play a role in injuries and fatal incidents involving forklifts. For example:

  • Operators may not be aware that they should avoid turning, if possible, on grades, ramps, or inclines.
  • Untrained operators may not know to stay with the forklift if lateral or longitudinal tip-over occurs.

Employers can reduce the occurrence of forklift accidents by providing a safe work environment, proper training for operators, and other safe work practices, including traffic management in areas where forklifts are used. OSHA regulations require employers to properly maintain their equipment.

Labor Law 200 protects all employees and enforces these protective regulations:

  • Brakes, steering mechanisms, control mechanisms, warning devices, lights, governors, lift overload devices, guard and safety devices, and lift and tilt mechanisms must be regularly inspected and maintained.
  • When work is performed from an elevated platform, a restraining means such as rails or chains must be in place, or a body belt must be worn by the person on the platform.
  • When those safety regulations are overlooked or ignored, the result may be devastating injuries or death for employees operating or working near forklifts.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in a NYC forklift accident while on the job, please contact the New York City construction accident attorney from David Resnick & Associates, P.C. We offer a free initial evaluation of your claim, and our forklift accident attorney in NYC will negotiate a fair and just settlement or fight aggressively to ensure that you receive full maximum compensation in accordance with the law. Call 212-279-2000 or contact us online.

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