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A defect can occur during the manufacture or distribution of any type of product, including cars, trucks, buses, SUVs, pickups and other motor vehicles. When a defect causes injuries, a victim may seek compensation through a product liability lawsuit. Product liability is an area of personal injury law that deals specifically with defects. If you have been injured as a result of a vehicle defect, you may need a New York City vehicle defect lawyer.

Within the area of product liability, there are three categories of defects:

  • Design defects – Design defects occur during the design phase of the product. They are defects that are built into the original design of the product. In a design defect scenario, all of the individual products produced have the defect. For example, if the design of a brake pad did not account for the extreme heat that the pad would be exposed to over time, and that mistake caused the brake pad to wear out prematurely, that could be considered a design defect. In this scenario, all of the brake pads produced will have the same defect.
  • Manufacturing defects – A manufacturing defect is introduced during the production of the product. Unlike a design defect, a manufacturing defect will not be present in every individual product in the line. Instead, it will be present only in a specific batch of the product, or perhaps in only one item. In the brake example, for instance, if the brake pad was designed well but the plant failed to mix the metal used for the pads correctly one day, resulting in some of the pads not being strong enough to withstand the heat they are exposed to, that could be considered a manufacturing defect.
  • Failure to warn – Failure-to-warn cases involve inherently dangerous products. There are some products that cannot be made safe regardless of efforts by the designers and manufacturers. Some household cleaning products, for example, include caustic chemicals that are necessary to accomplish their intended purpose. Those chemicals could harm anyone who uses them incorrectly. For this reason, warnings are required to be included on the product, its label or manual. If a manufacturer fails to include a proper warning, then this may form the basis of a products liability claim.

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