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Were You Injured In a Road Construction or Work Zone Accident?

New York road construction sites are fraught with dangers. Workers must deal with the same hazards that are on any other construction project. Those include falling objects or heavy machinery. But road construction workers also have unique threats to their safety. Oncoming traffic is one of the biggest concerns. All of those factors contribute to nearly 670 fatalities and 41,000 injuries in work zone accidents nationwide during an average year, according to the most recent federal data.

People who are hurt in New York road construction accident may be entitled to compensation if the worksite was improperly secured, a driver was negligent or for many other reasons. If you think you have a claim, contact the New York City personal injury lawyer at David A. Resnick & Associates, PC. Use our online form or call 212-279-2000 now. Our firm offers free consultations for victims of road construction accidents in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, and Long Island.

New York City Road Construction Projects Require Proper Planning

There is no shortage of hazards on New York road construction sites. Large vehicles, excavation equipment, hazardous materials, reduced visibility, narrow lanes and modified traffic patterns are all ways that construction workers are put in harm’s way. Proper planning is essential to workers’ safety. In fact, both federal and state laws insist upon it. But for whatever reason, those regulations are sometimes violated. Construction workers suffer the consequences when preventable accidents lead to serious injuries.

The Federal Highway Administration’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices sets out the “temporary traffic control” (TTC) standards that are required for safe work zones. Passing motorists should exercise the utmost caution in work zones, but experience shows that they often don’t. A good TTC plan for the work zone can help shield road construction workers from harm. For example, a TTC plan involving road construction at night will provide for floodlights to make workers visible to their co-workers and passing traffic. Similarly, good work zone planners will examine how to create detours that maximize safety for both construction workers and motorists. Well-designed work zones also include clear warning signs, barricades and cones to protect construction workers.

Types of NYC Construction Zone Accidents

Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that construction accidents declined overall in 2010, the number of accidents that required a month or more of missed work was much higher than all other private industry jobs. Common types of work zone accidents include:

Liability for a Road Work Construction Injury

Determining liability in a road construction accident can be complicated. If a drunk driver struck you while you were in the work zone, then it is reasonable to expect that the driver would be held accountable for your injuries. If you were seriously injured in a work zone due to poor planning or a violation of regulations for developing a safe work zone, then whoever was responsible for designing the temporary traffic control plan may be subject to legal action. Those parties can include construction contractors, state and local transportation planners, traffic engineers and other entities. Because New York construction law is complex, it is very important to contact a qualified attorney as soon as possible. Missing a deadline to file a work zone injury claim can bar your right to compensation forever.

Our NY Road Work Zone Injury Lawyers Can Help

The New York City construction accident lawyers at David Resnick & Associates, PC, know that an injury from a New York work zone accident can be devastating. Our law firm has the resources to investigate your claim thoroughly to identify all responsible parties and hold them accountable for their negligence. Let’s discuss your legal options in a free consultation. Just call 212-279-2000 or use our online form so that we can build a strong case for you – a case that wins.

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