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Machines and tools make modern construction projects possible. While they save an inestimable amount of labor and allow humans to create buildings on a grand scale, unsafe construction equipment also can pose a serious threat to workers who suffer an injury at work. Common in Manhattan and New York City, heavy equipment accidents include crane accidents and scaffolding accidents.

When equipment is not properly maintained or is used in the wrong way, it can quickly turn from a labor-saving device into an instrument of injury or even death. It is the contractors’ responsibility to make sure that all tools and equipment on a job site are safe and to ensure that workers know how to use them properly. Manufacturers also have a duty to design and build equipment that is safe for use.

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Construction Forklift Injuries in Manhattan

Forklifts are one of the more dangerous pieces of equipment frequently used on Manhattan, New York, construction sites. OSHA reports that about 100 employees nationwide are killed each year in forklift accidents and another 95,000 are injured. Many of the injury accidents involve rollovers.

To make sure that forklifts are safe, OSHA regulations require all models to meet safety standards set out by the American National Standards Institute. Owners must get written approval to make any modification to the units.

Once a forklift is in service, regulations require them to be inspected daily to make sure that the brakes, horns, steering systems, forks, and tires are in a safe condition. This is a step that is too often skipped. Unsafe forklifts must be taken out of commission. Companies are also required to train workers on how to safely use a forklift.

Some forklift accidents happen due to overloading in an effort to increase productivity. A load that is too heavy can cause a forklift to tip or even flip over. In addition, a forklift that is not in use must be properly secured with its fork completely lowered, its brakes set and its controls left in neutral.

Construction Crane Accidents in New York City

Several high-profile incidents in New York City in recent years have highlighted the potential for serious crane accidents. Four people died in a 2008 crane collapse in Manhattan, and 100 people were put out of their homes after another crane hit a building two years later.

A study by the New York City Department of Buildings determined that inadequate crane maintenance can increase the risk of serious construction accidents and injuries. The report also noted that tower cranes pose a significant danger because of their sophistication and the fact that they are built on-site, allowing more opportunities for defects to creep in.

In addition to collapse, cranes are susceptible to other types of accidents. People working beneath a crane are at risk of an injury from a dropped load or from getting caught in the crane’s swing radius. Sometimes negligent signaling is to blame for such accidents. Electrocution is also possible if a crane boom comes into contact with live electric wires.

As with any equipment, maintenance and inspections are the keys to crane safety. So is proper training and attention to safe operation.

Manhattan Heavy Machinery And Tools Construction Injuries

Besides cranes and forklifts, most construction sites are home to a variety of other types of heavy equipment like trucks, jackhammers, welding rigs, pneumatic tools and more. It is the contractors’ responsibility to inspect and maintain all equipment and also to ensure that workers know how to use it safely.

Negligently maintained power tools pose an electrocution risk and must be taken out of service if their wiring becomes worn or frayed. Saws, grinders, drills and other dangerous tools must be equipped with guards and safeties, and contractors must not allow safety features to be bypassed. OSHA regulations require contractors to retrofit appropriate guards and safety devices on older equipment. If a tool’s design was defective, its manufacturer could be held liable for any resulting injuries.

Even simple hand tools can cause serious injuries if not maintained properly. For example, chisels or hammers with compromised metal parts are susceptible to splintering, which can send metal chips flying toward the user or a nearby worker.

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If you or someone you love was harmed in an unsafe equipment-related construction accident and someone other than the employer was to blame, you could be entitled to receive damages if the third party falls outside of the workers’ compensation system.

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