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Unfortunately, many construction workers are burned on the job each year. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 920 workers sustained heat burns on construction sites in 2009. Many others were burned in electrical accidents or explosions or by exposure to caustic chemicals that are common to construction zones.

While burns are sometimes minor and can be treated with simple home remedies, other times Brooklyn, New York, construction workers or bystanders suffer from severe burns that are life-threatening, and even fatal.

When burn accidents happen at NYC construction sites, it’s important to investigate whether proper safety procedures were in place at the time of the incident or whether someone else’s negligence contributed to the injuries. In many cases, it could be that another party – but not the employer – may be held liable for the victim’s burn injuries.

Suffered Burning Injuries on a Construction Site?

If you or a loved one was burned in a construction accident and someone other than your employer was to blame, you could be entitled to receive damages if the third party falls outside of the workers’ compensation system.

The New York burn injury lawyers at David Resnick & Associates, P.C. are skilled at evaluating construction accident claims and can help you determine whether the negligence of a third party caused or contributed to your injuries. We also can help if you were a non-employee who was injured while visiting a construction site.

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We serve construction accident victims in the Brooklyn and all of New York City, including Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn and Long Island.

What You Need to Know About NYC Workplace Burns

On-the-job burns typically affect exposed areas of the body, such as the face, hands, eyes, arms and legs. Depending on the nature of the burn, victims may also suffer from damage to airway passage linings and other body tissues.

Some people are surprised to learn that not all burns are apparent on contact. It can take as long as hours or even days for the damage to be revealed. The length of time it will take to recover depends on the location of the burn, how much of the skin has been injured and what types of medical procedures or grafts will be required to treat the burn.

The most common types of burns on construction sites are related to electrical accidents (electrical shock and electrocution), toxic exposures and explosions. Work zones are brimming with potential hazards, including gas lines, open flames, heavy machinery, overheating equipment, pipes and numerous types of chemicals that can cause serious burns to construction workers. Even the most common materials on a construction site, such as cement or hot water, can cause burns that can be permanently disfiguring.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, doctors have identified three major categories of burn injuries:

  • First degree: These types of burns involve just the top layer of the skin, which may become red, painful and have mild swelling. Sunburns are an example of first-degree burns.
  • Second degree: The first two layers of skin are damaged in second-degree burns. Symptoms often include deep reddening, pain, blistering, fluid leakage and some skin loss.
  • Third degree: The most serious of all burn injuries, third-degree burns penetrate the skin entirely. Tissue is permanently destroyed and results in loss of skin layers and a charred or leathery appearance. Oddly enough, the injury is often painless. That’s because the nerve endings have been irreversibly damaged.

Healing from burns can be a painful and traumatic process. Families may be forced to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for multiple reconstructive surgeries, medications, physical and occupational therapies, rehabilitation and even psychotherapy. Those costs can be even more devastating if the injured construction laborer is not able to return to work as a result of the permanent damage caused by his or her burns.

How Can a Construction Accident Burn Lawyer Help Me?

There are many federal and state regulations in place to protect construction workers from harm. If one or more of the parties managing the work zone was negligent and did not adhere to mandated protocols, they can be held accountable for your injuries and be required to pay damages to help compensate for what you lost as a result of your accident. An experienced construction accident attorney in New York City knows the laws and can help interpret them for you so that you receive everything you are entitled to.

If you’ve been burned on a  New York City construction site, call David Resnick & Associates, P.C. today. Our Brooklyn, NY, burn injury lawyers can be reached at 212-279-2000 or you can use our online contact form for a free evaluation of your case.

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