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Internal injuries from car accidents can go undetected at the time of the crash, which means that victims who do not seek medical help could develop much more serious problems or even die as a result of injuries that were not immediately apparent. Even when properly diagnosed, internal injuries can be dangerous or even deadly.

The two most common internal injuries that occur as a result of car accidents are internal bleeding and damage to internal organs. These injuries can occur as a result of the impact of a car crash. The human body cannot safely absorb the force, and victims could suffer internal bleeding and damage to critical organs.

Those who are thrown from a vehicle in an accident also commonly suffer internal injuries. Pedestrians and bicycle riders are also especially susceptible to organ damage since their bodies are hit with the full impact of the crash.

Types of Internal Injuries After a Car Accident

Some of the most common types of internal injuries that car accident victims suffer include:

  • Abdominal aorta aneurysm — This type of injury occurs when the stomach is crushed or compressed, causing the abdominal aorta to rupture. This injury is almost always fatal.
  • Fractured ribs — When someone fractures ribs in an auto accident, the broken ribs can puncture the lungs or other organs. The fractured bones can also puncture or cause damage to important major blood vessels in the body. Breathing problems, internal bleeding, blood loss and a host of other complications can result.
  • Internal bleeding — When the body absorbs the impact of a car crash, this can do damage to the blood vessels and cause internal bleeding. Problems can develop from internal bleeding both in situations when the blood does not clot and in situations where blood clots form and prohibit blood from circulating. Internal bleeding can cause organ failure, a dangerous drop in blood pressure, shortness of breath and even death. Victims may be confused, disoriented, light-headed, weak, have difficulty breathing, have bloody vomit or urine or exhibit a host of other symptoms.
  • Pneumothorax — A car accident can puncture a lung, causing the lung to collapse. This can result in air being let into the chest cavity, leading to pneumothorax.
  • Ruptured spleen – The spleen is in the left part of the abdomen and has blood cells inside of it that helps the body to destroy bacteria and fight infection. Ruptures must be promptly corrected using a surgical procedure. A ruptured spleen can lead to a large amount of internal bleeding, filling the abdominal cavity with blood. Death can result without prompt treatment.
  • Liver damage — The liver can be subject to tremendous force in a car accident, causing bleeding or tearing open the lining of the organ. This can cause internal bleeding, as well as other complications.
  • Kidney damage — Kidney damage typically happens when the lower back or flank is impacted in an auto accident. Internal bleeding can result from damage to the kidney. Serious damage may require the removal of the kidney in order to avoid complications.
  • Other organ damage — Any of the organs in the body could be affected by the force of a car accident or could be punctured as a result of the crash. The specific nature of the complications will depend upon the extent of the damage and which organ was affected.

Get Help With Organ Damage After a Car Accident

The consequences of any of these injuries could be extremely serious and could constitute a health crisis. You should go to a hospital or physician and get a thorough examination after any car accident to make sure you do not have undetected internal injuries.

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