Home Owner Liability in New York City, NY

Home Owner Liability

While a home is private property, homeowners still have a basic duty to make sure their buildings and land are safe. If a homeowner invites a friend or worker into the home or onto its grounds, the homeowner must make sure that the visitor isn’t put at unreasonable risk of injury. In some cases, homeowners may even have a duty to trespassers.

When homeowners fall short of their obligations, they may be held liable for injuries that result. Premises liability rules cover homeowner liability. Injured victims should speak with a New York personal injury attorney for assistance making a claim.

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Accidents That Often Lead to Homeowner Liability

Property owners may be responsible for injuries that occur on their property if the injuries were caused by negligence or by a failure to reasonably maintain the property or warn about known hazards. In some cases, homeowners may have a duty to inspect their property for dangers.

Falls are one of the most common accidents that lead to homeowner’s liability. A few examples of situations where a homeowner’s negligence may cause a fall include:

  • Failure to remove ice or snow from driveways, sidewalks or other walkways.
  • Uneven or cracked pavement, steps or tiles inside or outside the home.
  • Unsecured construction areas or areas where yard work is taking place.
  • Equipment, such as ladders, that is not properly put away.
  • Poorly lit spaces inside or outside, especially on steps or walkways.
  • Wobbly steps, a wobbly railing or the absence of a railing.

Dog bites or attacks by other household animals are another frequent source of homeowner liability.

These are just a few of the many causes of accidents that can occur at a private residence and lead to homeowner liability. The key question after any accident is whether the homeowner’s negligent actions or inactions were a clear and direct cause of the injury.

Homeowner’s Insurance May Cover Accidents

When a visitor is injured in an accident at someone’s home, the victim may be entitled to pursue a claim against the homeowner. The homeowner usually doesn’t end up personally paying the damages in the lawsuit. That is because most homeowners carry liability insurance coverage.

Liability insurance covers most – but not necessarily all – claims made against a homeowner arising from an injury at the covered home, including falls and dog bites. It is the insurance company that usually pays these claims, so you should not feel bad about suing a friend, neighbor, relative or other acquaintance.

Help with Homeowner’s Liability Lawsuits in NYC

If you were hurt and need help negotiating with the insurance company that covers the home where the injury occurred, a New York injury lawyer can help. An attorney can also help in situations where the homeowner’s insurer denies that its insured was responsible for the injury.

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