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Construction site accidents that result in the loss of fingers, toes, hands, arms, feet, and legs happen to thousands of workers each year. About 5 percent of those accidents occur on construction sites. Accidents victims who suffer the amputation of one or more limbs face a lifetime of challenges, both physical and psychological. Although there continue to be great improvements in modern prosthetic limbs, some normal functions will still be very challenging for many people who suffer these tragic injuries.

If you or a loved one has lost a limb in a New York construction accident and someone other than the employer was to blame, you could be entitled to receive damages if the third party falls outside of the workers’ compensation system. The construction site amputation accident lawyers at David Resnick & Associates, PC, are skilled at evaluating injury claims and can help you determine whether the negligence of a third party caused or contributed to your injuries. We also can help if you were a non-employee who was injured while visiting a New York construction site.

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We serve construction accident victims who suffered amputations in the Bronx and all of New York City, including Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn and Long Island.

What You Need to Know About Amputations in Construction Accidents 

Traumatic amputations (the accidental severing of some or all of a part of a limb) in on-the-job accidents are frequently caused by inadequate machinery guards, improper repairs, improper equipment training, fallsfalling objects and other unsafe work conditions. 

Amputation injuries and prosthetics pose many risks associated with medical side effects and other amputation complications including:

  • Chronic neuroma (pain and/or tenderness in the amputation area)
  • Poor wound cover and healing
  • Infection of the wound and surrounding tissues
  • Stiffness related to injury or rehab issues
  • Sympathetic dystrophy syndrome

Victims of New York construction accidents that result in the amputation of one or more of their limbs will likely face extensive and ongoing medical bills and lost wages. Many construction workers who lose a limb will be unable to return to their jobs and might have to settle for lower-paid work. Others will become totally disabled and unable to take any kind of job.

Medical expenses related to amputations can continue for years after the injury took place. After a person undergoes an amputation, a prosthetic limb may be needed for the victim to continue to function in their daily life. The average cost for a simple prosthetic can easily reach tens of thousands of dollars. As the victim ages, the prosthetic may need to be altered or replaced completely, resulting in more expenses. A person with a prosthetic limb may need to make expensive changes to their home to accommodate their new situation.

Our New York Construction Amputation Attorneys Can Help

If you lost a limb as the result of a construction accident in New York City, the attorneys at David Resnick & Associates, P.C. are committed to helping you receive compensation if your injuries were caused by the negligence of a third party.

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