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Were you severely hurt in an accident in Boerum Hill? Did you lose a loved one due to someone else’s reckless, careless, or intentional conduct? Help is available to you. The attorneys at David Resnick & Associates are committed to providing qualified compensation to residents of Boerum Hill, and we’re ready to fight for you.

Our New York injury attorneys have recovered millions of dollars for our clients and we’ve been serving accident victims in New York City for over 20 years. We are located in Midtown Manhattan and can arrange to meet you in person at your home or hospital room if you cannot come to our office because of your injuries.

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Boerum Hill, Brooklyn Personal Injury Areas of Practice

Boerum Hill is located south of downtown Brooklyn. Atlantic Avenue is the main thoroughfare in the neighborhood, which extends east to west from 4th Avenue to Court Street and north to south from Schermerhorn Street to Degraw Street. The neighborhood is named after Simon Boerum, a farmer who represented New York in the Continental Congress in 1774 and 1775.

David Resnick & Associates have extensive experience handling a wide variety of personal injury cases in Boerum Hill and throughout Brooklyn and New York City. Some of the most common types of accidents we see include:

  • Amusement Park Accidents — New York City is home to a number of amusement parks. People at amusement parks can be involved in many different types of accidents from dangerous rides stemming from lack of adequate maintenance or employee negligence. Some of the most popular parks include Playland Amusement Park, Enchanted Forest Water Safari, Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom, Santa’s Workshop, Luna Park at Coney Island, Fantasy Island, Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Waterpark, Adventureland, Sylvan Beach Amusement Park, Six Flags Darien Lake Theme Park, Seabreeze Amusement Park, and Midway State Park.
  • Construction Accidents — Construction sites can present many hazards. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) lists the four leading causes of fatalities in the construction industry as falls, being struck by an object, electrocution, and being caught-in/between objects. Injured construction workers may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits or to sue another subcontractor working on the same construction site that created unsafe conditions leading to an accident and injuries.
  • Dog Bites — Dog bites and attacks by unsupervised dogs can result in serious injuries and can require hospitalization and reconstructive surgery. Dog bites account for a large share of claims against homeowners’ insurance policies. Insurance companies try to limit the settlements they make to dog bite victims. If you have been seriously injured by a dog bite in Boerum Hill, seek the help of a determined Brooklyn dog bite injury lawyer to fight for full compensation for your injuries and trauma.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents — While many slip and fall accidents are blamed on a person’s carelessness, some accidents are caused by property owners’ failure to correct unsafe conditions. Property owners have a duty to keep their premises safe for all guests. They may be liable for injuries caused by the property owner’s negligent care of a premises.
  • Trucking Accidents — Accidents involving commercial trucks are far more likely to result in serious injuries. The liability in a truck accident may include the truck driver, a trucking company, the company that loaded the truck or a manufacturer of defective truck parts. Injury claims against trucking companies are complex and require the help of an experienced truck accident attorney.
  • Taxi Accidents — Taxi cabs in New York City share the same roads as other motor vehicles. Many taxi drivers are aggressive drivers and are frequently involved in traffic accidents. If you were injured in a taxi cab accident, you may have a claim against the taxi driver and taxi company or another driver who caused the accident. A Boerum Hill taxi accident lawyer at David Resnick & Associates can determine who should be held liable and pursue an injury claim on your behalf.
  • Public Transportation Accidents — Boerum Hill is served by a number of different public transportation lines operated by the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). The Far Rockaway, Hempstead Branch, and Long Beach Branch of the Long Island Rail Road are train stops in Boerum Hill. The neighborhood also is served by the B62, B63, B65, and B67 buses as well as the 2 Seventh Avenue Express, B Sixth Avenue Express, N Broadway Express, and Q Second Avenue/Broadway Express/Brighton Local subways. If you have been injured in an accident involving a bus, subway, train or MTA station, it’s critical to talk with an attorney right away. Only a limited amount of time is available to start the claims process against public agencies in New York.
  • Window Guard Accidents — All residential buildings are required to have window guards when they have tenants who are children 10 years of age or younger. Building owners may be liable when a child falls from a window without a guard or if a guard was faulty or improperly installed.
  • Car Accidents — Motor vehicle crashes are among the most common causes of serious injuries in New York. They are common in Boerum Hill and other Brooklyn neighborhoods. Even seemingly minor collisions can still cause serious injuries, and victims will want to seek legal counsel if they need to pursue a Boerum Hill car accident injury claim.
  • Motorcycle Accidents — New York requires all motorcyclists and passengers to wear helmets, but helmets only offer so much protection. Motorcycle accidents often result in severe injuries to riders. Motorcycle accidents are frequently caused by other drivers’ failure to remain alert to smaller vehicles on the road. An injured motorcyclist may seek compensation from another driver who caused a motorcycle accident. Having an experienced NYC motorcycle accident attorney representing you can improve your chances of receiving just compensation after a serious accident.
  • Lead Poisoning — Many schools and older buildings in New York City are required to take necessary steps to minimize the possibility of lead exposure for students or residents. When an entity is not thorough in its lead prevention efforts, it can lead to people contracting devastating illnesses.
  • Tour Bus Accidents — New York City attracts millions of tourists each year. Many people rely on tour buses to help them see the attractions that NYC has to offer. There are many incidents that can occur on NYC tour buses that cause serious injuries and make tour bus owners liable.
  • Wrongful Death —The sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one will often create financial stresses for the immediate family of the deceased, in addition to their pain and grief. A wrongful death lawsuit may be filed by the family against a negligent party who was responsible for a person’s death. A wrongful death lawsuit may provide compensation to help a family regain financial stability after an unexpected loss.
  •  Premises Liability — Property owners in New York have an obligation to ensure that their premises are free from any hazards that endanger the welfare of other people. When a person is injured in any kind of accident caused by a property owner’s failure to keep their property safe or to warn of foreseeable hazards, the victim may have a right to file a premises liability lawsuit.
  • Pedestrian Accidents — Many people in the Boerum Hill area prefer to walk to their destinations. Unfortunately, pedestrians are frequently injured in accidents caused by motorists who fail to see people on foot. Insurance companies frequently blame pedestrians for their own injuries in such cases. Having a Boerum Hill pedestrian accident attorney can improve your chances of receiving just compensation for injuries caused by others’ negligence.

No matter what kind of accident you are involved in, always seek medical attention right away. You will want to have a medical record created as soon as possible after your accident.

What To Expect When Hiring A Boerum Hill, Brooklyn Car Accident Attorney

As soon as you hire David Resnick & Associates, our firm will undertake a thorough investigation to determine the cause of your accident. Our firm will move to preserve key evidence relating to your case and identify every single liable party.

David Resnick & Associates will deal with the insurance company representing those responsible for your injuries. We will seek to negotiate a settlement to your case and will be prepared to file a lawsuit if the insurer is unwilling to agree to a reasonable settlement.

When your Boerum Hill injury case involves $25,000 or less in damages, it will be heard in a New York City Civil Court. For Boerum Hill, the civil court is located at:

Civil Court of the City of New York-Kings County
141 Livingston Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(646) 386-5700

When a case involves more than $25,000 in damages, it will be heard in the Kings County Supreme Court, which is located at:

Kings County Supreme Court
360 Adams Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 675-7699

Any federal case will be heard in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, which is located at:

United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York
225 Cadman Plaza East
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 613-2600

David Resnick & Associates has recovered more than $60 million in verdicts and settlements for our clients.

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