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What Can I Do If A Family Member Died Working in A Construction Zone?

Statistics on workplace injuries show that nearly 1,000 workers die in construction accidents every year in the United States, and several are killed annually in New York City, according to the Department of Buildings.

When a family member dies from on-the-job injuries in a New York, NY, construction accident, state law allows you to bring a lawsuit against negligent third parties for your loved one’s death. Although no amount of money can fill the void left by an untimely death, a wrongful death recovery can help replace lost support from the deceased and pay for medical and funeral costs.

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Bronx and NYC Construction Accident Wrongful Death

Many types of construction site accidents can result in a worker’s death. Falls are one of the leading causes of work-related fatalities, as are trench collapses, equipment accidents, electrocution, and fires, according to OSHA.

When a family member dies from work injuries suffered in an NYC fatal construction accident, and someone other than his or her direct employer is to blame, the surviving family (usually a spouse, child or parent) can recover economic damages from the negligent third party by bringing a wrongful death suit.

New York law governing wrongful death claims allows the surviving family members to recover these types of damages:

  • Medical expenses;
  • Funeral costs;
  • Lost future financial support from the decedent’s earnings;
  • Loss of household services that the decedent would have provided;
  • Lost parental guidance;
  • Lost inheritance; and
  • Punitive damages, in certain egregious cases.

The idea behind wrongful death recoveries is to compensate the survivors for the loss of financial support and guidance from the deceased family member. Wrongful death lawsuits do not allow the surviving family to recover all of the damages that the decedent would have been entitled to if he or she had lived.

Wrongful death claims also aren’t designed to compensate surviving family members for the emotional loss and grief they suffered as a result of their loved one’s death.

An important aspect of wrongful death construction accident claims is the limited time in which a lawsuit may be filed. New York law requires wrongful death suits to be filed within two years of the death, and the decedent’s appointed personal representative must file the claim.

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If a close family member was killed in a construction accident and someone other than the employer was to blame, you could be entitled to receive damages in a wrongful death lawsuit.

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