New York Bill would Require Speed Limiting in New Vehicles

Limit Speed in New Vehicles

A bill recently introduced in the New York State Senate could have far-reaching implications for automakers and drivers alike. The proposed legislation would require manufacturers of passenger vehicles to equip cars with new safety features that automatically prevent drivers from speeding. If passed, the law would go into effect in 2024.

Here, the legal team at David Resnick & Associates, P.C. explains what could happen if the bill is enacted and how it might protect motorists and other road users. If a speeding driver harms you in a car accident, contact our office to speak to a personal injury lawyer in New York.

Who Is Affected by This Bill?

Sen. Brad Hoylman introduced the bill, which primarily applies to auto manufacturers, particularly those that produce trucks, SUVs, and other large passenger vehicles. If the bill passes, automakers would have to comply with the new regulations and only sell new vehicles in New York that are equipped with safety technology. The bill only applies to vehicles that weigh more than 3,000 pounds.

What Happens If This Bill Gets Passed?

The legislation would require advanced safety equipment in all passenger vehicles, including trucks and SUVs. The bill would require any new passenger vehicle built after Jan. 1, 2024 and registered in New York to be equipped with “advanced safety technology.” Such technologies include intelligent speed assistance (ISA), advanced emergency braking, emergency lane-keeping systems, distracted and drowsy driving recognition systems, and rear-view cameras.

Additionally, regulations would be enforced to help drivers of vehicles weighing more than 3,000 pounds have “direct visibility of pedestrians, cyclists, and other vulnerable road users from the driver’s position.”

Why Was This Bill Introduced?

The bill was introduced to help decrease traffic-related fatalities in our communities. The legislation notes that there were 270 traffic-related deaths in New York City in one recent year alone. Studies have shown that ISA can reduce traffic fatalities by 20 percent.

Operators of large vehicles often have difficulty seeing pedestrians, bicyclists, and other motorists. And, because larger vehicles collide with greater force, they are more likely to result in catastrophic or fatal injuries. Increasing visibility for drivers of large vehicles could reduce the number of accidents they cause while slowing their speed could reduce the severity of injuries they inflict.

Distracted driving and drowsy driving continue to be the leading causes of traffic accidents in New York and across the United States. Some of the new safety technologies required under the bill could also help reduce these crashes.

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No safety technology available today can completely eliminate the risk of accidents. If you have been hurt in a car accident in New York, the legal team at David Resnick & Associates, P.C. can help you pursue fair compensation for your injuries and other losses, including hospital bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Contact us today to discuss your legal options with an experienced and compassionate car accident lawyer in New York.

Author: David Resnick

Founder of David Resnick & Associates, P.C., a New York personal injury law firm in charge of providing exceptional and personal service to each of our clients in various areas including car accidents, slip and fall, wrongful death, construction accidents, and premises liability. David Resnick founded the firm in 1998 after working in large law firms where he saw a need for greater client communication and more personal care.

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