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David Resnick & Associates, P.C., is a New York law firm serving the residents of Manhattan’s Harlem neighborhood. Our experienced and talented team of personal injury attorneys are available to assist residents injured in a Harlem slip and fall accident, a car accident in Harlem, or other personal injury accidents in recovering monetary compensation for their expenses, losses, and suffering.

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Personal Injury, Car Accident and Slip & Fall Attorneys Serving Harlem

Our office is but a short distance away from Harlem, located at 450 7th Avenue near Herald Square, Madison Square Garden, and the Empire State Building. You can reach us by traveling on NY-9A South to West 38th Street and from there heading toward 7th Avenue. You can also reach us via Subway (schedules are available from the Metropolitan Transit Authority here) by exiting at 34th Street – Penn Station or 34th Street – Herald Square Station. Our office is a short walking distance away from either of these stations. You can learn about other methods of transportation that can help you reach our offices by visiting the official website of the City of New York City. Of course, if you cannot get to us, we will be more than happy to come to you.

Harlem is one of Manhattan’s more recognizable neighborhoods and is home to many famous landmarks like the Apollo Theater, the Savoy Ballroom, Mount Sinai Hospital, and Hotel Theresa. The neighborhood has contributed significantly to hip-hop music and dance and is presently experiencing an influx of new dining options near the area of Frederick Douglass Boulevard.

Harlem Legal Information

Depending on the facts and circumstances of your individual personal injury case, your lawsuit may be filed in one of three courts. You and your Harlem car accident lawyer will discuss and decide upon the most appropriate court in which to file your case.

If your lawsuit seeks $25,000 or less in damages, the New York City Civil Court located at 170 East 121st Street in Harlem will likely be the court in which your case is filed. For cases in which your damages are $25,000 or greater, your case may be filed with the New York County Supreme Court, which is located at 60 Centre Street in Manhattan. In some personal injury cases, you and your attorney may decide to file your case in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. This courthouse is located at 500 Pearl Street.

Our Harlem Personal Injury Lawyer Practice Areas

We are proud to assist Harlem residents with their personal injury case. Our firm has extensive experience helping victims injured in a variety of ways, including:

  • Slip and Fall Accidents/Trip and Fall Injuries
    Owners of public and private properties have an obligation to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe manner. A slip and fall or trip and fall can occur if obstacles or hazards are not identified and cleaned or repaired in a reasonable time.
  • Car, Truck and Motorcycle Accidents
    Any motor vehicle accident can leave you and your passengers with catastrophic injuries that can have permanent effects. We can assist you in determining what your legal rights are following a serious motor vehicle crash in Harlem and will help you pursue the maximum amount of compensation to which you may be entitled.
  • Workplace and Construction Accidents
    The jobsite can be a dangerous place, and workers’ compensation benefits may not always be enough to cover all of your expenses and losses. You may be entitled to other legal remedies if your workplace or jobsite accident was caused by a third party.
  • Wrongful Death
    If a loved one is killed as a result of someone else’s negligent or reckless behavior, surviving family members can bring a civil wrongful death action against the responsible party and recover damages and compensation to address the decedent’s and the family’s losses and expenses related to the death.
  • Lead poisoning
    In times past lead was commonly found in household products. Only recently have the detrimental health effects caused by lead exposure become known. You may be entitled to compensation if you were unwillingly or unknowingly exposed to lead and have now developed health complications as a result.

What to Expect When You Contact Our Harlem Law Office

When you visit our office to discuss your case, you can expect our highly trained staff to treat you professionally and with respect. We will want to hear the details of your personal injury accident: what happened, where it happened, who witnessed it happen, and other similar details will be important so that we can provide you with the most accurate legal advice and counsel. If you retain our services and we accept your case, we will aggressively pursue monetary compensation for your injury accident, including economic damages like lost wages and medical bills and noneconomic damages like pain and suffering.

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