Car Accidents, Slip and Falls & Other Personal Injuries in New York City: Where Do You Turn?

Car Accidents

Perhaps you are one of the 225,000 motorists who has been in a NY car accident during the past year. Our New York-based auto accident attorneys, serving the New York City area including Brooklyn and the Bronx, have a track record representing people who have suffered significant injuries in car accidents across the state.

Slip & Fall Accidents

You may have been hurt in a slip & fall at a Bronx, New York store, business or apartment building, giving rise to a premises liability claim.

NYC Personal Injuries

You may have been injured in a Brooklyn construction accident or lost a loved one in a tragic wrongful death accident in the Bronx. Our law firm is here to help with your NYC injury or accident claim.

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David was informative, in touch and seemed to genuinely care about my well being, in addition to my case. In the end, we won our case and I couldn’t have asked for a more helpful legal team throughout. Overall, David and his team took a very negative life experience and turned it into something positive.

Robert Yonskie

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