Building Code Violations in New York City

Building Code Violations in New York City

Building Code Violations in New York City

Building codes protect people who visit, work and live in buildings by setting minimum safety standards. Building codes address a variety of issues, from the requirements for safe staircases to the design and installation of electrical wiring and plumbing and more. Sometimes landlords and property owners fail to comply with building codes and commit building code violations.

Building code violations can have serious consequences, including injuries to tenants, customers and visitors. If a building owner or business in charge of building maintenance fails to live up to its obligation to comply with local, state and federal building codes, they may be held legally responsible for injuries that result.

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Code Violations at Businesses

Businesses have a strong obligation to ensure their premises are reasonably safe and that they have complied with all building codes. This obligation applies to shopping centers, grocery stores, shops, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and any other facility that is open to the public for business.

Business owners must ensure that exit signs are clearly marked, that the property is well-lit and that there are no hazards that put patrons at unreasonable risk. However, some building code violations exist in many businesses that can lead to falls and other accidents and other injuries.

Examples of business property code violations that endanger patrons include:

  • Staircases without adequate handrails. Handrails may be difficult to grab or may be missing entirely.
  • Staircases with treads that do not conform to building code requirements. Staircases may crumble, rot or cave in as a result of damage or weather, violating the building code and creating a fall risk.
  • Uneven floors or curbs lacking proper markings. If there is a step or drop down, it should be marked to avoid falls.
  • Inadequate lighting. Lighting is necessary at night and on staircases or other dim areas to ensure patrons can safely navigate.
  • Absence of required slip-proof or non-skid surfaces. On slippery floors and near building entrances where patrons track in water and snow, non-slip surfaces should be used to reduce the risk of a fall.
  • Dangerous downspouts. Improperly designed drainage systems can create patches of ice where water pools on sidewalks or parking lot surfaces.
  • Inadequate elevator or escalator maintenance.
  • Untreated snow and ice.

If a business is in direct violation of a building code designed to ensure the safety of the public, someone injured as a result of the violation can point to the building owner’s failure to follow code requirements as evidence of negligence. This may make it easier for an injured victim to recover compensation.

Code Violations at Rental Properties

When a landlord rents out an apartment, commercial space or single-family home, it is the responsibility of the landlord and property management company to ensure that the building is reasonably safe and that there are no code violations. Sometimes property owners or property managers fall short.

Some building code violations that can result in injuries on rental properties include:

  • Asbestos and lead paint that are not properly mitigated.
  • Unsafe or dangerous electrical wiring.
  • Crumbling steps or steps in disrepair.
  • Inadequate lighting.
  • Growth of dangerous mold, including black or red mold
  • Unmarked construction areas.
  • Slippery floors, broken flooring, uneven floor surfaces or other dangerous floor conditions.
  • Slippery surfaces without adequate warning signs or missing anti-skid material.
  • Drainage problems that cause water to pool and ice to form.

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