Increase of Crane Inspections

Calls for Increased Inspections of Cranes

New York City workplace injury attorney says recent crane accident in Queens highlights construction site dangers.

New York, N.Y. (PRWEB) – In the wake of another crane accident at a New York City construction site, workplace accident attorney David Resnick said today that more steps must be taken to prevent such accidents and increase safety on construction sites.

“This latest incident in Queens is another example of why we must do more to safeguard the people who work on construction sites in and around New York City,” said Resnick, a Manhattan personal injury attorney with David Resnick & Associates, P.C., a firm that concentrates on construction accident lawsuits. “Construction firms have a duty to ensure the safety of cranes and other equipment at construction sites, and the authorities must do more to enforce the rules and make sure contractors are in compliance.”

Earlier this month, a 300-foot crane collapsed at a building site in Long Island City, Queens, trapping three workers and injuring seven in all, according to a New York Times report. The crane fell onto the building under construction, a 25-story residential tower.

“Accidents like these don’t have to happen if proper safety procedures are followed by constructions companies,” Resnick said. “Construction companies need to redouble their focus on the safe operation of cranes at construction sites, making sure that machinery is in good condition and that operators use the equipment properly and receive the proper training.”

The city suspended the license of the crane operator in the Queens incident, stating the operator was trying to lift more than twice the crane’s capacity, according to the New York Times article. A statement from the city said the operator “was unable to see the materials being lifted and was attempting to lift those materials outside of the approved loading zone.” The city also ordered a stop to crane work at the site while it investigated the accident.

The owner of the crane in the Queens accident, New York Crane and Equipment Corporation, was involved in a 2008 accident in Manhattan that left two people dead, the New York Times reported.

“While it’s good the city took these actions, it comes too late for the people injured,” Resnick said. “As we have seen, when cranes aren’t operated correctly or the equipment malfunctions, deaths and serious injuries can take place. The authorities need to increase inspections of cranes at construction sites, in particular with regard to companies that have a history of problems or infractions, to help prevent future accidents.”

Although many construction companies follow safety regulations, it’s up to employers and authorities to take steps to ensure worker safety, Resnick said. Regulations include rules about clearances around power lines and using another worker to communicate if the crane operator can’t see clearly enough.

Resnick urged anyone who has been injured in a New York crane accident to seek advice from an experienced construction injury lawyer.

Common causes of crane accidents include cranes overturning, booms collapsing, loads being dropped, boom or crane contact with an energized power line, crushing by the counterweight, falls from the crane and failures in rigging.

“The attorneys at David Resnick & Associates, P.C., have experience handling a number of serious personal injury cases, including crane accidents and other construction site accidents,” Resnick said. “Our firm can investigate your case and help you get the compensation you deserve.”

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