New York City Car Accident Back Injury

The back is made up of muscles, bones and tissues that extend from the neck down to the pelvis. The back is the nerve center of the body and its structure allows you to walk, twist, turn, bend, lift and otherwise enjoy mobility.

Because the back stretches along so much of the body and has so many different parts that join together, it is susceptible to injury in a variety of different ways. The force of a car accident can cause serious damage to the back. The back can also be injured if it is pushed, pulled, twisted, or contorted into unnatural positions as the result of an accident.

An aggressive New York City car accident lawyer can help ensure that you receive the maximum compensation you deserve for a serious back injury that resulted from an accident that was someone else’s fault.

Some of the back injuries that occur most frequently in car accidents include:

  • Lumbar strains and sprains — The back is made up of fibrous tissues called “tendons” and “ligaments,” which connect muscles, joints and bones. If the tendons, ligaments or muscles are stretched too far beyond how they normally move, they can become damaged. Damage to the tendons, ligaments and muscles can limit mobility and cause significant pain. Lumbar strains and sprains are generally classified as “soft tissue” injuries since they do not affect the bones but instead the connecting tissues between the bones. It can be difficult or impossible to actually see the effects of a soft tissue injury on an X-ray or when performing medical tests — although the injured victim can certainly feel the effects.
  • Compression fractures — A compression fracture occurs when tiny cracks form in the spinal bones. These tiny cracks can result in the vertebrae’s collapsing or becoming deformed. People with compression fractures may experience permanent spinal damage, as well as breathing difficulties and ongoing serious pain. As many as two-thirds of compression fractures are never properly diagnosed.
  • Fractures of the lumbar vertebrae — The force of a car accident can cause lumbar vertebral fractures, which are breaks in the bones of the lower back. There are multiple types of lumbar vertebral fractures, including rotation fractures, flexion fractures and extension fractures. Rotation fractures occur as a result of being forced to bend so much that the bones break. Flexion fractures occur when the front of the vertebra breaks and loses height, while the back part of the bone remains stable. Extension fractures result from the vertebrae being pulled apart.
  • Fractures of the thoracic vertebrae — These types of fractures are the same as lumbar vertebrae fractures, but they occur in the middle of the back (the thoracic region) instead of in the lumbar region of the back.
  • Herniated discs — In between the vertebrae there are small, spongy pieces of cartilage called “discs.” The discs provide a buffer and cushion the area between the bones. As a result of pressure, trauma or other injury to the back in car accidents, the discs can break, rupture or bulge out from where they are supposed to be. These slipped discs or bulging discs can end up putting pressure on nerve roots in the back and spine, causing numbness, weakness and radiating pain. Herniated discs can occur anywhere along the back.

Any of these back injuries could seriously limit your mobility, cause great pain and make working difficult, if not impossible. In some instances, the injury will be temporary and can be corrected through surgery, physical therapy, resting and icing, the use of pain medication and/or chiropractic care. In other cases, the back injury will be permanent and will affect your income and quality of life for the rest of your life.

Compensation for Car Accident Back Injuries

If you were hurt in a car accident, you should not be left to cover the costs on your own. If your injury was serious, you may be able to file a car accident claim against the driver responsible for the crash. No-fault insurance benefits could be available for minor back injuries.

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