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Why do so many traffic accidents occur?

New York City has the highest rate of traffic accidents in the state of New York. Given typical driving conditions in the city and the millions of drivers, this is not surprising. While some accidents are unavoidable, the majority of traffic accidents happen because drivers are behaving carelessly. Many drivers are distracted by other activities and may not be paying full attention to the road. They may be talking to passengers, eating, drinking or talking on cell phones. Drivers are also distracted by numerous technological devices, such as navigation systems and DVD players. Even when drivers are paying attention, they may make improper turns, fail to obey traffic signals, speed or drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In those situations, they may be liable when they cause an accident. Some car wrecks are caused by bad weather and poorly designed or maintained roads. Accidents can also occur due to defective car designs or defective parts, such as faulty car tires. In those instances, a product liability lawsuit may arise against the carmaker or tire manufacturer.

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