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$700,000 – Premises Liability

$700,000 win for rape victim.

In a recent case, our client was a girl who was attacked on the roof of her building. The girl had actually held the front door of the building open for the perpetrator, who then followed her into the elevator. Once in the elevator, he did not let her out until they got to the top floor, where he dragged her to the roof and raped her. Our office was able to show that the building’s roof alarm had not gone off, and that had it gone off, the rape would likely not have occurred. By canvassing the entire building, we were able to find a witness who had been to the roof numerous times without the alarm going off prior to the incident. This proved that the building super failed to properly maintain the alarm. In this case the building was held responsible for the crime because the building was not properly maintained even though working door locks and buzzers were provided.

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