New York Road Construction Accident Lawyer

Narrow and closed lanes, equipment and workers in the road, traffic backups, new merge patterns and other hazards combine to make highway work zones in New York City a dangerous place, potentially causing NY construction accidents.

Statistics show that road construction sites pose a threat not only to workers, but also to the motorists passing through. Four-fifths of work zone fatalities are motorists, not highway workers, according to Federal Highway Administration (FHA) figures. But workers are still at risk, with several dying in New York work zone wrecks during the average year.

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New York Work Zone Accident Statistics

Highway construction accidents are an all-to-common occurrence on American roads. The average year sees more than 700 work zone fatalities nationwide, and more than 40,000 injuries. That comes out to one work zone fatality every 10 hours, and one work zone injury every 13 minutes, according to FHA statistics.

New York State and New York City contribute a surprising number of casualties to the nationwide tally. For example, there were 11 work zone fatalities statewide in 2007, and six each year in 2008 and 2009.

In New York City, six Department of Transportation workers have been killed in road construction wrecks since 1990, and 40 have been injured in such accidents since 1995, according to figures from the New York City DOT. An experienced New York work zone accident lawyer at our firm can help.

How Can I Avoid a New York Work Zone Crash?

Driving in a work zone requires increased attention and patience, as well as decreased speed. There are some simple steps that you can take as a motorist to reduce the risk of being involved in a work zone accident. They include:

  • Obey all traffic signs, including the posted speed limit and warning signs indicating lane closures or reduced speed limits ahead.
  • Be alert and pay attention to the road and traffic. A work zone is not the place to perform distracting tasks like talking on the cell phone or changing radio stations.
  • Watch for merge signs and change lanes before you reach the lane closure. Speeding to the end of a lane and then barging in on traffic can trigger jams and even accidents.
  • Increase your following distance, leaving two seconds of braking time between you and the vehicle you are following. Rear-enders are the most common type of wreck in highway work zones.
  • Expect the unexpected and watch out for workers or equipment in the roadway. Leave plenty of room between your vehicle and traffic cones, barrels, barricades and construction equipment.
  • Watch for flaggers and obey their signals.
  • Be patient and don’t lose your cool. Keep in mind that workers are there to improve the highway for everybody. They are not there to personally frustrate you.
  • Just because you don’t see workers immediately after you enter a work zone doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Slow down even if a work zone at first appears to be inactive.
  • Anticipate delays and plan an alternate route to avoid work zones whenever possible.

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