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Once an industrial area centered on the huge port, Red Hook has become an increasingly trendy neighborhood in Brooklyn. A ferry connection to lower Manhattan has made the once-remote area located on the southern edge of downtown Brooklyn an option for commuters. Now, many New Yorkers know Red Hook for its beautiful city views and buzzy streets.

Unfortunately, even a picturesque waterfront neighborhood can still be the site of serious accidents. If you’ve been hurt in an accident in Red Hook, Brooklyn, the legal team at David Resnick & Associates is ready to assist you. We are a small, New York City-based law firm that will help you pursue full compensation from those who caused your injury. If your injury was caused by someone else, you may have the legal right to demand compensation to cover your medical expenses and other losses related to the injury.

Let attorney David Resnick review the details of your accident and discuss your legal options during a free case review. Call today to speak with a Red Hook personal injury attorney.

About the Firm & Red Hook Surroundings

At David Resnick & Associates, we’re committed to giving our clients personalized legal attention. You can expect to talk directly to a compassionate Red Hook accident attorney. When you complete your one-on-one consultation, you’ll have the information to understand your legal options and the steps available to you.

Our firm has people who speak English and Spanish available to discuss the details of your case. We’re located in Manhattan and serve the whole city. We’ll aggressively advocate for you with our extensive knowledge of New York courts. Our lawyers have more than a half-century of experience handling personal injury claims. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Car Accident Attorneys Serving Red Hook, Brooklyn

Driving in New York city can be dangerous for drivers, bikers, and pedestrians. The New York Police Department gathers data about collisions as a part of the city’s “Vision Zero” initiative. The data from the 76th Precinct, which includes Red Hook, identifies contributing factors to accidents the NYPD investigated. The contributing factors included driver distraction, following too closely, passing too closely, improper lane use or passing, unsafe reversing, and alcohol use.

If you were injured by a careless driver in Red Hook, you may have the right to seek full compensation for your injuries. Whether you were hurt while you were driving, riding a bicycle, or walking, our car accident lawyers at David Resnick & Associates can pursue a personal injury claim on your behalf. You should not have to bear the cost of injuries for an accident caused by someone else. The driver legally responsible for your injury and his or her insurance company should pay for your past and future medical expenses, your missed wages, and your pain and suffering.

Red Hook Legal Information

Our car accident lawyers at David Resnick & Associates represent Brooklynites injured in accidents of all kinds. With our help, you can seek compensation from negligent parties. Immediately after your accident, contact the police and seek medical treatment. If you or another person involved has been seriously injured, call 911 and request an ambulance. An official record of your accident will be important evidence in your personal injury claim.

No matter the severity of your injury, see a doctor immediately and keep any documentation they give you. New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, The Brooklyn Hospital Center, and Kings County Hospital are some of the closest hospitals to Red Hook. Many personal injury claims are resolved without ever going to court. If your case is heard in court, it may be heard in one of the following locations:

New York City Civil Court
141 Livingston Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 347-404-9123 (up to $25,000 in damages)

Kings County Supreme Court – Civil Term
360 Adams Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 718-675-7699 (more than $25,000 in damages)

Personal Injury Areas of Practice

If you are injured in an accident and it was someone else’s fault, you may be able to hold the at-fault party liable and to seek compensation for their negligence, recklessness, or malpractice.

At David Resnick & Associates, our accident lawyers serving Red Hook have experience with a wide variety of personal injury cases. Our personal injury areas of practice include:

  • Car Accidents. Aggressive and reckless driving in Red Hook and elsewhere in the city can result in serious injuries. If you’re hurt by a driver who is breaking NYC traffic laws, you may have a right to pursue a personal injury claim. If you try to handle your own claim, you may be offered a settlement from the at-fault driver’s insurance company that is lower than the full value of your case.
  • City Tour Boat Accidents. Tour boat companies are required to keep their vessels safe through proper maintenance and operation. Slipping on an improperly maintained deck or collision injuries may be the boat operator’s fault. If you are injured on a tour boat, you may be able to hold the boat’s owner liable for your medical bills.
  • Construction Accidents. Construction accidents are unfortunately common in the city. You may be able to hold a site property owner or the job site manager responsible for injuries caused by falling debris or malfunctioning equipment.
  • Lead Poisoning. Children who are exposed to lead can face permanent injuries. Your landlord or your child’s school may be responsible and owe you compensation for that exposure.
  • Pedestrian Accidents. Pedestrians have certain rights when walking in Red Hook and elsewhere in NYC. If you have been hit and injured by a car, truck, or other vehicle, you may be able to seek compensation for your past and future medical expenses related to the collision. Our Red Hook pedestrian accident attorneys can review your accident and discuss your legal options.
  • Recreational Boating Accidents. Boaters are required to practice proper safety and maintenance procedures for their vessel. Negligent or intoxicated boaters may be held liable for your injuries in a boating accident.
  • Slip and Fall. When landlords or other responsible parties fail to keep their sidewalks or other public spaces safe, they may be held responsible for your injury if you fall. The at-fault property owner may owe you compensation for your medical bills and other expenses if the accident was caused by a property hazard that should have been corrected.
  • Taxi Accidents. If you are hurt by a taxi and the taxi driver was at fault, the driver and the owner of the taxi may be held liable for your injuries. The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission requires that all yellow cabs and car services carry certain amounts of liability insurance. If you are injured in a taxi accident in Red Hook, you may be eligible for insurance compensation from the taxi’s insurance company.
  • Truck Accidents. Narrow Brooklyn streets make large trucks like box trucks, vans, and delivery trucks especially dangerous. If you are injured by a commercial truck driver, the driver and his or her employer’s insurance company may be required to compensate you for your medical expenses and pain and suffering. If you have been injured in a crash involving a truck, you need an experienced Red Hook truck accident attorney to pursue full compensation for you.
  • Wrongful Death. If your loved one died due to someone else’s negligence, such as medical malpractice or a catastrophic truck crash, you may have the right to file a wrongful death claim. You may be owed compensation for your loved one’s medical treatment, funeral expenses, and lost future wages or salary.

What to Expect When You Call Our Injury Attorneys

For more than twenty years, David Resnick & Associates, P.C. has been dedicated to helping New Yorkers recover from serious injuries. David Resnick & Associates has a track record of successfully resolving cases. When we first meet, we will gather as much information about your accident as we can. Any documents or evidence related to the incident could be helpful, such as police reports, medical bills, and photographs of the scene.

Once we have gathered evidence to support your case, we will submit a claim to the insurance company representing the person or business liable for your injury. We’ll negotiate on your behalf and aggressively seek full and fair compensation for your injuries. If necessary, we will file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf. In New York, the statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits varies based on who’s at fault. If the accident involves a public agency such as the transit system, you only have a matter of months to give notice of a pending claim. This points to the urgency of contacting a Red Hook accident attorney as soon as possible after your accident. We’ll explain the deadlines that apply to your case so that you don’t lose an opportunity to seek financial damages.

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However your injury occurred, you can be sure that we have the experience with New York personal injury law and are prepared to represent you effectively. If you have a valid claim for compensation for your medical expenses, missed work, and pain and suffering, we can help you pursue it. Call David Resnick & Associates, PC today at (212) 279-2000, or fill out our contact form.