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At David Resnick & Associates, P.C., our trial attorneys fight for the rights of all who call the Columbia Street Waterfront District home.

The 22-block waterfront district is a great place for businesses, restaurants and families to call home. The Brooklyn neighborhood has seen a revival in recent decades, becoming a hub for restaurants and food lovers alike. However, in even the safest-seeming neighborhoods, accidents can happen. When accidents occur, you will want to protect your legal rights by seeking the help of an experienced attorney.

If you have been hurt in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, the Columbia Street Waterfront District accident attorneys at David Resnick & Associates can offer the legal guidance you need. Our firm has a convenient Midtown Manhattan location, meaning we can readily serve residents in all of New York’s neighborhoods.

Our founding partner, David Resnick, started the law firm in 1998. With a focus on personalized attention and effective representation, we have grown out of a tiny New York City apartment into a law firm that has won more than $60 million in verdicts and settlements for our clients. David Resnick frequently visits clients in their homes and in the hospital.

Columbia Street Waterfront District Personal Injury Lawyer Practice Areas

David Resnick & Associates, P.C., handles cases involving a wide range of accidents. Our attorneys are ready to help you if you have been injured by someone else’s negligence. Some of the most common cases we handle include:

  • Car Accidents– Cars serve as a primary form of transportation for many people in the Columbia Street Waterfront District. Unfortunately, car accidents are quite common. Injuries can range from minor bumps and scrapes to life-threatening injuries. If your injury was caused by a negligent driver, the at-fault driver’s insurance should pay for your medical expenses and injury-related losses.
  • Motorcycle Accidents– Motorcyclists are incredibly vulnerable and have little protection in the event of a crash. Many motorcycle accidents are caused by careless motorists who fail to see motorcyclists. In a crash, motorcyclists often suffer severe injuries to the head, neck, and back that can have lifelong consequences. A Columbia Street Waterfront motorcycle accident lawyer at David Resnick & Associates will make sure your interests are protected at the negotiating table and in the courtroom as you pursue compensation for your injuries.
  • Public Transportation Accidents– The Metropolitan Transit Authority is responsible for maintaining safe conditions on all subways, ferries, buses, and railroads across New York City. If the MTA fails to correct a hazardous condition in a timely manner and the hazard causes an injury, you may be able to seek compensation. You have only a short time to give notice of an injury claim against a public agency in New York. Don’t delay in contacting an attorney.
  • School Bus Accidents– School bus drivers have a responsibility to transport children safely. One poor decision can cause serious injuries to students, other motorists, or pedestrians. Bus drivers should be held accountable when they cause injuries due to carelessness, recklessness, or are otherwise negligent.
  • Taxi Accidents– Many residents of the Columbia Street Waterfront District rely on taxis. While taxi drivers are great at getting us where we need to go, they can cause accidents when they drive recklessly. If you were injured by a negligent taxi driver, you may be able to seek damages from their employer.
  • Tour Bus Accidents– Tour buses can be a great way to see all of the sights that New York City has to offer. Tourists have the right to expect safe travel when they board a bus. When an accident happens and a bus rider is injured, the bus driver, the tour bus owner or operator, or any other at-fault party could be liable for the harm they’ve suffered.
  • Trucking Accidents– Truck accidents often result in catastrophic injuries and extensive property damage. The size and weight of commercial trucks make them dangerous. Truck accidents can be complicated to resolve because multiple parties may be legally responsible. The driver, the employer, or even the truck manufacturer may be held liable for injuries in a truck accident.
  • Amusement Park Accidents– New York amusement park operators must be vigilant in maintaining attractions and ensuring the safety of amusement park visitors. If an amusement park operator neglects his or her duty and the actions or failure to act leads to injuries, the amusement park operator may be held liable for the harm suffered.
  • Pedestrian Accidents– While walking can be an effective means of getting around in the Columbia Street Waterfront District, it can be dangerous when careless drivers speed through crosswalks and run red lights. Pedestrians often suffer severe injuries when they’re involved in an accident with a motor vehicle. Negligent drivers who injure pedestrians should be held financially accountable for the pedestrian injuries they cause as a result of negligent driving.
  • Dog Bites– When dogs attack without provocation, they can cause severe injuries and lasting emotional trauma. If you have been bitten by a dog without provocation, you may be able to seek compensation through the dog owner’s homeowners or commercial liability insurance.
  • Wrongful Death– A negligent or intentional act could cost someone their life. If you have lost a loved one due to another’s negligence or wrongdoing, your family may be eligible to hold the responsible party accountable through a wrongful death action.
  • Lead Exposure– Older buildings put occupants at risk of exposure to lead and other toxins. Schools, apartments, businesses and other buildings can all be hazardous if the owners do not prevent exposure to lead-based products. These owners can be held financially responsible if their inaction has caused injury.

After any injury accident, your first priority should be to seek medical attention. Getting treatment is crucial to protecting your health, as well as an important step in documenting your injuries if you need to file an injury claim. Once you are able, you should contact a personal injury attorney at David Resnick & Associates, P.C. so we can begin working on your case.

What to Expect When You Call Our Brooklyn Injury Attorneys

When you reach out to our firm, we will be ready to review your Columbia Street Waterfront accident and discuss your legal options for seeking compensation for your injuries. If we represent you, we will immediately get to work on your case. We will collect evidence and identify all parties that may be financially liable for your injuries.

Insurance companies may reach out in an attempt to offer you a low-ball settlement. Our team will handle all communications with insurance adjusters, law enforcement, and defense attorneys. Our team will prevent you from being bullied by large corporations into accepting unfair offers.

We will guide you through this difficult time in your life. Our team can help you find the doctors and specialists you need to recover. We will be candid in all communications and advise you on whether a settlement is right for you. Our Columbia Street Waterfront District accident lawyers will walk with you on whatever route your legal journey takes.

If your injury case involves $25,000 or less in damages, your case will be heard in a New York City Civil Court located at:

Civil Court of the City of New York-Kings County
141 Livingston Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(646) 386-5700

If your case involves more than $25,000 in damages, it will be heard at:

Kings County Supreme Court
360 Adams Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 675-7699

When a case involves a federal matter, it will be filed in U.S. District Court:

U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York
225 Cadman Plaza East
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 613-2600

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Suffering serious injuries caused by negligence can be incredibly frustrating. Along with the stress and strain of treatment and recovery, you may be facing financial pressure due to mounting medical bills and time off work. We firmly believe that no one should face financial hardship after being injured by a negligent party. We can help you recover damages for lost wages, medical expenses, and your pain and suffering.

If you have suffered an injury or tragically lost a loved one in an accident caused by negligence in the Columbia Street Waterfront District, contact our firm immediately. We will treat you like family. Our firm has attorneys and staff who speak Spanish and English so we can communicate with you in your preferred language.

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