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Unexpected Dangers of Golf

The New York Times recently reported on a new hazard in the game of golf: Litigation.

The newspaper points to the “par 3 bottleneck,” for example. This situation can result in impatient golfers teeing off before the group ahead of them is off the green. Consequently someone who is whacked with a golf ball may file a lawsuit seeking damages.

Sometimes the waiting party hits the shot as a warning to lingerers to move it. But doing this creates great risk. Getting hit by a golf ball can cause serious injuries, for which the golfer who made the shot can be liable – even if the golfer yelled, “fore.”

As a litigation attorney told the New York Times, “Yelling ‘fore’ is not a legal defense. It might avoid someone getting hit and it might be acting reasonably, but if you shouldn’t have hit your shot in the first place because someone was in your intended flight, you’re still in trouble.”

Golf Ball Injuries Are Serious

Head injuries from golf balls sent 10,035 Americans to emergency rooms in 2009, according to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. Many resulted in traumatic brain injury, which can be very serious and sometimes lead to coma or death. Other golf ball injuries include those to the eyes, nose and limbs.

Golf Digest detailed the dangers of golf ball accidents in 1999. Using a crash-test dummy, Golf Digest found that “impact [from a flying golf ball] could cause a concussion, cerebral bleeding or, for a child or an older person with osteoporosis, a skull fracture.”

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