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NY Skiing Season Will Mean Serious Injuries from Some Skiers And Snowboarders

With winter in full swing, New Yorkers are heading to the slopes for skiing and snowboarding fun. According to liftopia.com, the five ski hills within 250 miles of New York City that sell the most ski lift tickets are (1) Windham, N.Y,. (2) Killington, Vermont, (3) Mountain Creek, N.J., (4) Camelback, Pa., and (5) Hunter Mountain, N.Y.

The number of ski accidents at resorts like these and other ski locations have dropped over the years. But as many as 600,000 Americans report injuries each year on ski slopes, with head injuries among the most serious injuries for skiers and snowboarders.

Helmets have reduced the total number of skiing-related head injuries. Unfortunately, helmets do not always save people during a skiing accident, and traumatic brain injury and other injuries still occur. For example, a 24-year-old ski instructor was wearing a helmet when she crashed and died in a ski accident in Lake Tahoe, fox40.com reported.

Once on the slopes, skiers assume the ordinary risks of the activity, but not all aspects of skiing are considered “ordinary risks.” For example, loading and unloading accidents that occur on the chairlifts are not necessarily an inherent risk of skiing.

In some cases, accidents are caused by negligence of the ski resort owners or its operators. In these cases, injured skiers should contact an experienced NYC personal injury attorney to determine how to recover medical expenses, lost wages and other related expenses.

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