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Loggers At High Risk of Job Injury

A 23-year-old Vermont logger died when a tree fell on him in New York, Boston.com reported recently. The accident occurred in Stephensville, 23 miles east of Albany, when a falling tree knocked a section of a decomposing tree onto the logger, killing him at the scene.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, logging is the most dangerous occupation in the United States. Hazards include falling and sliding trees and logs; unstable or rough terrain; bad weather, including rain, snow, lightning and winds; working in remote worksites far from healthcare facilities; and working with dangerous equipment, such as logging machines and chainsaws.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, five out of 100 full-time loggers were injured on the job in 2011. The average injury rate for all occupations is of 3.5 out of 100. Logging killed 78 people in 2011.

Under OSHA rules, employers are responsible for seeing that loggers wear safety equipment, such as protection for the head, hands, eyes and face.

Further, OSHA specifies that before cutting a tree, a chainsaw operator “shall clear away brush or other potential obstacles which might interfere with cutting the tree or using the retreat path.” It also requires employers to provide training for new employees. Training also is required when an employee is assigned to a new task or equipment or demonstrates unsafe job performance.

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