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Injuries On the Job Are No Joke

A performer in the Broadway musical “Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark” was hospitalized after he caught his leg in backstage equipment, the Associated Press reported recently. The actor, Daniel Curry, was last reported in stable condition with an injured foot.

Several performers have been hurt on the Spider-Man set since production began in 2010. Actor Christopher Tierney suffered serious injuries after falling about 30 feet off a platform. The fall fractured his skull, shoulder blade, four ribs and three vertebrate. Also, a stuntman reportedly suffered a concussion, whiplash and holes in his knees.

The injuries provided material for a 2010 Saturday Night Live skit that featured the fourth understudy of Spider-Man. Appearing on the comedy show hanging upside down from the ceiling, he proclaimed: “The first one broke his wrist, the next guy shattered his leg, the next guy just exploded. It’s a musical; it happens.”

Comedy skits aside, workplace injuries are serious matters. In 2011, nearly 3 million people suffered workplace injuries and illnesses, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 2012, an estimated that 4,693 people died on the job.

The rate of injuries equates to 3.5 cases per 100 full-time workers. In the entertainment industry, the rate was higher: 4.5 per 100 workers.

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