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Subway Accident Avoided by An Heroic Act

Last month we discussed the dangers of subway platforms and safety measures that could reduce tragedies on the tracks. Subway accidents continue to take place, but recently there was a happy ending for one man, thanks to three good Samaritans!

The man was at the Columbus Circle station when he stumbled from the platform onto the tracks, lost consciousness and hit his head, according to ems1.com.

With the next train scheduled to arrive in two minutes, a 22-year-old Air Force Academy cadet jumped onto the tracks.

“I couldn’t watch a man die. It was such a rush, it happened so quickly – I just had to react,” the cadet said, according to the em1.com report. “He was unconscious, he was bleeding, and I couldn’t lift him up by myself.”

Two other men then jumped in to help the cadet. The three tried to lift the unconscious man to the platform but couldn’t lift him entirely over the platform.

Luckily, other commuters started to pull the man up and got him to the platform and out of harm’s way. The man was taken to New York-Presbyterian’s Weill Cornell Medical Center by first-responders.

The ending to this story is a good one. But that is not always the case when it comes to accidents on the New York City subway. If you are injured in a subway accident, please contact an subway accident lawyer at David Resnick & Associates, P.C., immediately to discuss your right to compensation.

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