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Driving the Wrong Way Kills Hundreds a Year

An SUV going the wrong way on the Tappan Zee Bridge crashed head-on into another vehicle, causing other cars to swerve and crash, killing one person and injuring four others, the New York Times reported July 24.

The bridge, which carries the New York State Thruway over the Hudson River, remained closed for several hours as the cars and debris were cleared away. The multi-vehicle accident remained under investigation.

Safety Board Focus

Wrong-way accidents on high-speed divided highways have become prevalent enough that the National Transportation Safety Board completed a special investigation report on the topic in December 2012.

The report revealed the following:

  • On average, 360 people are killed every year as a result of wrong-way vehicle accidents.
  • Wrong-way collisions most often occur at night and during weekends and usually take place in the lane closest to the median.
  • In 59 percent of crashes, wrong-way drivers had blood alcohol contents of more than twice the legal limit, and 10 percent had BAC of between .08 and .14.
  • Drivers over the age of 70 accounted for 15 percent of wrong-way drivers, while the age group represented merely 3 percent of the right-way drivers they crashed into.

Wrong-way accident fatalities represent only a fraction of traffic fatalities. However, the accidents tend to be especially brutal, because they often involve high-speed head-on collisions. Additionally, right-way drivers usually have little to no time to respond to wrong-way vehicles.

Unsafe Roads

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 34,080 people died in motor vehicle accidents in 2013, representing an increase of 5.3 from 2011. Unfortunately, even safe drivers and their passengers are vulnerable to becoming victims of other drivers’ negligence.

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