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Damages By Hurricane Sandy Are Causing Mold

Mold in homes and businesses can cause illness if it is not removed properly. Unfortunately, people are now discovering mold in homes and businesses flooded by Hurricane Sandy.

One Staten Island homeowner and his challenges with mold were recently profiled on NY1.

The homeowner reported that three days after the storm, his walls looked like moldy bread and his asthma flared up.

“My chest, my eyes were burning, my nose would burn, I was coughing, wheezing,” he recalls.

Mold is not always easy to identify.

“An actively growing mold culture has millions of spores, and these spores are seeds that want to repopulate, and they are microscopic,” Jack Caravanos, director of the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Program at CUNY School of Public Health, told NY1.

Caravanos said that mold can trigger attacks if a person already has asthma, allergies or a compromised immune system. Exposure to a heavy mold problem can actually cause an allergy or create an allergic response in people without prior health problems.

Mold also can destroy a home.

Through a city grant, CUNY’s School of Public Health and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey will hold 70 training sessions around the city on how to properly remove mold from homes damaged by Sandy. People with health problems should seek outside help with mold removal.

Extreme weather is not the only cause of mold. According to the New York Department of Health, mold can be caused by roof leaks, plumbing leaks, drainage problems, damp basements and crawl spaces, steam from the bathroom or kitchen, condensation resulting from poor or improper insulation or ventilation, humidifiers, wet clothes drying inside the home or a clothes dryer venting indoors, and poor or improper ventilation of combustion appliances. Indications of a moisture problem may include discoloration of the ceiling or walls, warping of the floor and condensation on the walls or windows.

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